Symbiosis-induced adaptation to oxidative stress.

  title={Symbiosis-induced adaptation to oxidative stress.},
  author={Sophie Richier and Paola Furla and Amandine Plantivaux and Pierre-Laurent Merle and Denis Allemand},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={208 Pt 2},
Cnidarians in symbiosis with photosynthetic protists must withstand daily hyperoxic/anoxic transitions within their host cells. Comparative studies between symbiotic (Anemonia viridis) and non-symbiotic (Actinia schmidti) sea anemones show striking differences in their response to oxidative stress. First, the basal expression of SOD is very different. Symbiotic animal cells have a higher isoform diversity (number and classes) and a higher activity than the non-symbiotic cells. Second, the… CONTINUE READING


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