SymSig: A low latency interconnection topology for HPC clusters


This paper presents the underlying theory and the performance of a cluster using a new 2-hop network topology. This topology is constructed using a symmetric equation and Singer Difference Sets and is called SymSig. The degree of connections at each node with SymSig is about half compared to previous methods using Singer Difference Sets. A comparison with a… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/HiPC.2013.6799144


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@article{Brahme2013SymSigAL, title={SymSig: A low latency interconnection topology for HPC clusters}, author={Dhananjay Brahme and Onkar Bhardwaj and Vipin Chaudhary}, journal={20th Annual International Conference on High Performance Computing}, year={2013}, pages={462-471} }