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Syllepsis in Homotopy Type Theory

  title={Syllepsis in Homotopy Type Theory},
  author={Kristina Sojakova},
Abstract It is well-known that in homotopy type theory (HoTT)[The Univalent Foundations Program, Institute for Advanced Study(2013)], one can prove the Eckmann-Hilton theorem: given two 2-loops p, q : 1⋆ = 1⋆ on the reflexivity path at an arbitrary point ⋆ : A, we have p q = q p. If we go one dimension higher, i.e., if p and q are 3-loops p, q : 11⋆ = 11⋆ , we show that a property classically known as syllepsis also holds in HoTT: namely, the Eckmann-Hilton proof for q and p is the inverse of… Expand


Homotopy Type Theory : Univalent Foundations of Mathematics
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