Sydney hailstorms: the health role in the recovery process

  title={Sydney hailstorms: the health role in the recovery process},
  author={L A Lee and A Collings},
  journal={Medical Journal of Australia},
We highlight the involvement of community health, public health and mental health staff in the recovery period after a natural disaster (hailstorm and ensuing wind and rain over three weeks) which, despite causing relatively few deaths or severe injuries, affected 20000 families and caused damage estimated at $1.5 billion. Many families were given information and advice, and 383 individuals were referred for health assessment and management by doctors and other healthcare workers over an eight… 
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Disaster preparedness and response: challenges for Australian public health nurses - a literature review.
Issues currently facing disaster nursing in Australia are highlighted and public health nurses' awareness regarding their roles in disaster preparation and response are addressed, given their unique skills and central position in public health.
Learning from Each Other
  • R. Pockett
  • Political Science
    Social work in health care
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The social work role in disaster response has become internationally recognised and is an example of how collaboration and shared information and learning can result in a profession working together to support key principles and values of practice for the benefit of those in need.
What should the African health workforce know about disasters? Proposed competencies for strengthening public health disaster risk management education in Africa
These competencies could provide a framework for scaling up the capacity development of African healthcare workers in the area of public health DRM; however further validation of the competencies is required through additional pilot courses and follow up of the trainees to demonstrate outcome and impact of the Competencies and curriculum.
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