Sydenham's chorea: magnetic resonance imaging of the basal ganglia.

  title={Sydenham's chorea: magnetic resonance imaging of the basal ganglia.},
  author={Jay N. Giedd and Judith L. Rapoport and Markus J P Kruesi and Chris Parker and Mark B. Schapiro and Albert J. Allen and Henrietta L. Leonard and Debra L. Kaysen and Daniel P. Dickstein and Wendy L Marsh},
  volume={45 12},
Analysis of cerebral magnetic resonance images of 24 subjects with Sydenham's chorea and 48 age-, height-, weight-, gender-, and handedness-matched controls demonstrated increased sizes of the caudate, putamen, and globus pallidus in the Sydenham's chorea group. In contrast, neither total cerebral, prefrontal, or midfrontal volumes or thalamic area were increased. These results indicate the selective involvement of the basal ganglia in Sydenham's chorea. 

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