SyMT : finding symmetries in SMT formulas Work in progress ∗

  title={SyMT : finding symmetries in SMT formulas Work in progress ∗},
  author={Carlos Areces and David D{\'e}harbe and Pascal Fontaine and Ezequiel Orbe},
The QF UF category of the SMT-LIB test set contains many formulas with symmetries, and breaking these symmetries results in an important speedup [8]. This paper presents SyMT, a tool to find and report symmetries in SMT formulas. SyMT is based on the reduction of the problem of detecting symmetries in formulas to finding automorphisms in a graph representation of these formulas. The output of SyMT may be used to improve SMT formulas to enforce the SMT solver to examine only one assignment out… CONTINUE READING


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