Switching of banana liquid crystal mesophases under field

  title={Switching of banana liquid crystal mesophases under field},
  author={Marie France Achard and J. P. Bedel and J. P. Marcerou and H. T. Nguyen and Jean Rouillon},
  journal={The European Physical Journal E},
Abstract:Taking advantage of the great number of bent-core or “banana" compounds synthesized and studied in the laboratory, we describe their behaviour under the application of an external electric field. If the field were a static one, we would work within the frame of an equilibrium phase diagram in a (field E, temperature T) space where some phases would be simple dielectrics and others ferroelectric ones with a macroscopic polarization, either spontaneous or induced by the field. In this… 
Polar switching in the smectic- A(d)P(A) phase composed of asymmetric bent-core molecules.
The dielectric studies suggest that a field-induced antiferroelectric-ferroelectric phase transition occurs continuously beyond 1.2 V/microm and is reversible.
Evidence for different polymorphisms with and without an external electric field in a series of bent-shaped molecules.
These observations show that different polymorphisms exist in the series with and without an applied field, and a unique phase diagram is presented, corresponding to the superposition of the ( E,T ) diagrams obtained for each homolog of the series.
Design, synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of a four-ring achiral bent-core liquid crystal in the nematic phase
Bent-core nematics have attracted growing interest because of the unconventional properties and extraordinary effects exhibited by these liquid crystalline phases. In this report we design,
Ferroelectric Response and Induced Biaxiality in the Nematic Phase of Bent‐Core Mesogens
The still undiscovered fluid ferroelectric nematic phase is expected to exhibit a much faster and easier response to an external electric field compared to conventional ferroelectric smectic liquid
Polar Order, Mirror Symmetry Breaking, and Photoswitching of Chirality and Polarity in Functional Bent-Core Mesogens.
Fine-tuning of the molecular structure leads to photoresponsive bent-core (BC)LCs exhibiting a fast and reversible photoinduced change of the mode of the switching between ferroelectric- and antiferro electric-like as well as a light-induced switching between an achiral and a spontaneous mirror-symmetry-broken LC phase.
Field-temperature phase diagrams in chiral tilted smectics, evidencing ferroelectric and ferrielectric phases
It is shown that the uniformly tilted ferroelectric SmC* is recovered when applying an electric field, and field-temperature phase diagrams for this class of compounds are built by combining different experimental techniques described here.
Evidence of Cybotactic Order in the Nematic Phase of a Main-Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer with Bent-Core Repeat Unit
We report the synthesis and structural characterization of a main-chain liquid crystal polymer constituted by a 1,2,4-oxadiazole-based bent-core repeat unit. For the first time, a liquid crystal
A Fluid Liquid‐Crystal Material with Highly Polar Order
Results suggest that a unidirectional, ferroelectric-like parallel polar arrangement of the molecules is generated along the director in the MP phase, similar to that for a nematic phase.