Switching Construction of Planar Functions on Finite Fields

  title={Switching Construction of Planar Functions on Finite Fields},
  author={Alexander Pott and Yue Zhou},
A function f : Fpn → Fpn is planar, if f(x+a)-f(x) = b has precisely one solution for all a, b e Fpn, a ≠ 0. In this paper, we discuss possible extensions of the switching idea developed in [1] to the case of planar functions. We show that some of the known planar functions can be constructed from each other by switching. 

Two families of planar functions on F_{p^{2r}}

Two new families of planar functions are constructed. These new families are part of a more general construction which also includes a family of planar functions recently constructed by Bierbrauer

Finite Fields and Their Applications

Article history: We present a study of the factorization of the polynomial X m − 1 in M2(F2)(X) and we determine the period of any reversible polynomial of this polynomial ring by using skew

On Isotopisms of Commutative presemifields and CCZ-Equivalence of Functions

It is proved that, for any odd prime p and any positive integers n and m, the indicators of the graphs of functions F and F' from Fpn to Fpm are CCZ-equivalent if and only if F andF′ are CC z-equivalence.

Classification of all DO planar polynomials with prime field coefficients over F 3 n for n ≤ 7 ∗

We describe how any function over a finite field F p n can be represented in terms of the values of its derivatives. In particular, we observe that a function of algebraic degree d can be represented

New Perfect Nonlinear Functions and Their Semifields

Two new classes of perfect nonlinear functions over $\mathbb{F}_{p^{2m}}$ are proposed, where p is an odd prime and the nucleus of the corresponding semifields of these functions are investigated and it is shown that they are CCZ-inequivalent to other classes in general.

New Perfect Nonlinear Functions over Finite Fields

In this paper we present a new class of perfect nonlinear %Dembowski-Ostrom polynomials over $\mathbb{F}_{p^{2k}}$ for any odd prime $p$. In addition, we show that the new perfect nonlinear functions

Sequences and Functions Derived from Projective Planes and Their Difference Sets

This paper surveys some of these objects which are related to difference set representations of projective planes related to the interplay between the additive and the multiplicative structure of the finite field.

(2n,2n,2n,1) ‐Relative Difference Sets and Their Representations

We show that every (2n,2n,2n,1) ‐relative difference set D in Z4n relative to Z2n can be represented by a polynomial f(x)∈F2n[x] , where f(x+a)+f(x)+xa is a permutation for each nonzero a. We call

Further results on differentially 4-uniform permutations over F22m

Several new constructions of differentially 4-uniform permutations over F22m are presented by modifying the values of the inverse function on some subsets of F 22m to provide more choices for the design of crytographic substitution boxes.

Planar difference functions

It is shown that Alltop type functions cannot exist in fields of characteristic 3 and that for a known class of planar functions, x3 is the only All top type function.



New semifields, PN and APN functions

The main new contribution is the construction of a family of PN-functions and their corresponding commutative semifields of dimension 4s in arbitrary odd characteristic.

Planar Functions and Planes of Lenz-Barlotti Class II

Several classes of planar functions over a finite field are described, including a class whose associated affine planes are not translation planes or dual translation planes, and which cannot be obtained by derivation or lifting.

Some Theorems on Planar Mappings

It is proved that two planar functions are CCZ-equivalent exactly when they are EA-equ equivalent.

Symplectic Spreads and Quadric Veronesean

In this paper we face with the problem of constructing semifield spreads in projective spaces of dimension larger than 3. To this aim we study the relationship between linear sets disjoint from the

Finite semifields and projective planes

A new almost perfect nonlinear function which is not quadratic

It is shown that the approach shown can be used to construct a ''non-quadratic'' APN function, which is in remarkable contrast to all recently constructed functions which have all been quadratic.

The permutation group of affine-invariant extended cyclic codes

The formal expression of the permutation group of primitive BCH codes defined on any prime field is presented and it is proved, by studying some examples, that the tools are efficient.

Nonlinear functions in abelian groups and relative difference sets

  • A. Pott
  • Mathematics
    Discret. Appl. Math.
  • 2004

Commutative semifields from projection mappings

A general projection method to construct commutative semifields in odd characteristic yields a generalization of the Budaghyan–Helleseth family and also greatly simplifies the construction.

Commutative presemifields and semifields