Switched Reluctance Machine with Asymmetric Power Converter in Generating Mode


SUMMARY Switched reluctance (SR) machine has various desirable features, which comes from its simple construction. They are the wide speed range, high temperature operation and small moment of inertia. But without any precise control technique no from these advantages could be utilised. SR machine in generating mode also starts to be used and its control technique can be even simpler than in motoring mode. In this paper a drive with a small 6/4 SR machine with an asymmetric half-bridge power converter produced as a motor, will be changed to generator. To obtain this the control technique based on DSP as well as the drive setup will be modified. The appropriate control technique for obtaining generating mode will be designed and implemented for SR machine control. Generator operation will be tested by various load and speed conditions. Simulation results will be done for the purpose of comparing with those measured.

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MSc) received his MSc. degree in Electrical engineering from the University of Žilina (SR) in 2002. Between 2002 and 2005 he was a PhD. student at the University of Žilina. Currently he is with

  • Martin Lipták