Switchable magnetic metamaterials using micromachining processes.


switchable metamaterials that possess very different states are almost a necessity. [ 11 ] Most of the tunable metamaterials that have been demonstrated rely on tuning constituent materials or changing surrounding media by introducing natural materials with higher tunability, such as liquid crystals and phase changing materials. [ 12–19 ] However, this limits the choices of materials and becomes increasingly diffi cult to implement at higher frequencies. Moreover, the tuning range is usually too limited to achieve a switching effect between strikingly different states. A complementary approach is to mechanically reconfi gure the metamaterial molecules. [ 20 , 21 ] Micromachining technology has been developed for fabrication and actuation of micromechanical devices [ 22–26 ] with switching frequencies up to the GHz level. [ 27 ]

DOI: 10.1002/adma.201004341

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