Swiss Democracy

  title={Swiss Democracy},
  author={Wolf Linder and Sean Mueller},

Likeminded? Congruence Between Political Elites and their Voters Regarding Policy Choices in Swiss‐EU Relations

  • L. Lauener
  • Political Science
    Swiss Political Science Review
  • 2022
Swiss- EU relations not only rank among the most important political problems for citizens but are also the subject of repeated political contestation. Using data from the 2019 Swiss Election Study

Ethnic Minorities, Interstate War, and Popular Support for Fiscal Capacity Development

Do ethnic majorities and minorities have diverging preferences for fiscal capacity? Do these preferences converge during national emergencies such as interstate war? In this paper, we provide

Patterns of (de)politicization in times of crisis: Swiss residents' political engagement, 1999–2020

We explore period, cohort and age effects on political engagement of Swiss residents from 1999 to 2020. A particular focus lies on the impact of the successive crises democratic societies have faced

Integration Through Inclusion? Probing the Effect of Government Presence on Voting Behavior in the Swiss Cantons, 1848–2022

Switzerland is widely known for its successful integration of linguistic and religious minorities. At the same time, a prolonged absence from the collegial, seven-member central government can give

Kinder and gentler ministers in consensus democracies? Personality and the selection of government members

This study examines the personality traits of candidates for the Swiss government and how they are related to the candidates’ electoral chances. Switzerland as a paradigmatic consensual democracy is

The Paradox of Cooperation: Intergovernmental Relations and Identity Conflict in Switzerland

  • S. Mueller
  • Political Science
    Intergovernmental Relations in Divided Societies
  • 2022

Do governments delay the implementation of parliamentary requests? Examining time variation in implementing legislative requests in Switzerland

This paper investigates time variations in the implementation of legislative requests by the Swiss government. Combining the literature on executive–legislative relations with findings from

Satisfaction With Democracy: When Government by the People Brings Electoral Losers and Winners Together

The last decade has witnessed the rise of populist parties and a number of actors that question liberal democracy. Many explanations of this rely on dissatisfied citizens. We ask in this article


  • Population and Politics
  • 2020