Swinging in wedlock

  title={Swinging in wedlock},
  author={Charles and Rebecca Palson},
Swinging: A Review of the Literature
  • R. Jenks
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 1998
The literature dealing with some of the major problems with swinging, focusing on AIDS, are discussed, along with the current state of swinging and suggestions for future research.
Consensual Nonmonogamy: Psychological Well-Being and Relationship Quality Correlates
General trends in the research reviewed suggest that consensual nonmonogamists have similar psychological well-being and relationship quality as monogamists.
Attitudes toward consensual non-monogamy predicted by sociosexual behavior and avoidant attachment
Consensual non-monogamy (CNM) relationships have increased in recent years. CNM is likely related to sociosexual behavior and attachment yet research is limited on these predictors and the
The Jesus People
  • David F. Gordon
  • Philosophy
    The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Sociology of Religion
  • 2020
come as a surprise to many. It would appear that many young people have suddenly returned to values against which they had earlier rebelled: a puritanical moral code, literal belief in the Bible, and
Group Sex as Play
Drawing on ethnographic and interview data collected from the United States and Finland on lifestyle (“swinging”) events, this article explores the implicit and explicit rules influencing
Perceptions of primary and secondary relationships in polyamory
The current research examines this issue within one type of consensual non-monogamy, specifically polyamory, using a convenience sample of 1,308 self-identified polyamorous individuals who provided responses to various indices of relationship evaluation and discusses how these results inform the understanding of the unique costs and rewards of primary-secondary relationships in polyamories.
Permission To Cheat: Ethnography of a Swingers’ Convention
Although some research has been done on the communicative practices among swingers, none has taken a holistic approach to investigating the formation of sexual scripts within the swinging community.
Observational Methods in Sexuality Research
Observational methods can generate insight into human sexual behavior. First, this chapter differentiates between ethnography, participant observation, and observation, because these terms are
More Oxygen Please!: How Polyamorous Relationship Strategies Might Oxygenate Marriage
The verdict is in: We (well, at least most of us) are guilty of psychologically suffocating our significant others. We thought long and hard about this verdict recently delivered by Finkel, Hui,