Swimming study on an ostraciiform fish robot

  title={Swimming study on an ostraciiform fish robot},
  author={Wai Leung Chan and Taesam Kang and Young Jae Lee and Sang Kyung Sung and Kwang Joon Yoon},
  journal={2007 International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems},
  • Wai Leung Chan, Taesam Kang, +2 authors Kwang Joon Yoon
  • Published in
    International Conference on…
  • Engineering
  • Fish-like robot is considered to be one of the candidates in the future underwater vehicle design for marine exploration and surveillance. In the BCF propulsion type, the ostraciiform swimming mode permits the robot to have a simple mechanical design and control strategy for swimming. Propulsion is achieved by flapping the caudal fin and the turning motion can be controlled by adjusting the mean angle, which is the averaged caudal fin angle measured from the fish robot longitudinal axis over a… CONTINUE READING

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