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Swimming in Complex Fluids

  title={Swimming in Complex Fluids},
  author={Saverio E. Spagnolie and Patrick T. Underhill},
We review the literature on swimming in complex fluids. A classification is proposed by comparing the length and time scales of a swimmer with those of nearby obstacles, interpreted broadly, extending from rigid or soft confining boundaries to molecules which confer the bulk fluid with complex stresses. A third dimension in the classification is the concentration of swimmers, which incorporates fluids whose complexity arises purely by the collective motion of swimming organisms. For each of the eight… 



Microhydrodynamics: Principles and Selected Applications

This text focuses on determining the motion of particles through a viscous fluid in bounded and unbounded flow. Its central theme is the mobility relation between particle motion and forces, and

Mechanics Of Swimming And Flying

The Structure and Rheology of Complex Fluids

Part I: Fundamentals 1. Introduction to Complex Fluids 1.3 Rheological Measurements and Properties 1.4 Kinematics and Stress 1.5 Flow, Slip, and Yield 1.6 Structural Probes of Complex Fluids 1.7

Physics of Liquid Crystals

Over the 100 years since its discovery, liquid crystals have been the intriguing subject for both academia and industries. The textbook of de Gennes The Physics of Liquid Crystals published in 1974

Soft Matter

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Fantastic voyage

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