Swim interoperability with flight object mediation service


This paper describes internal research and development work that is being done by Boeing Advanced Air Traffic Management (AATM), Boeing Research & Technology Europe (BR&TE), and Boeing Networked Systems Technology (NST) on global Air Traffic Management (ATM) Interoperability The primary goal of this project is to provide a mediation service for flight objects Seamless exchange of both U.S. ERAM flight objects and Interoperability Consultancy Group (ICOG) flight objects can be achieved by utilizing a mediation service that employs an enterprise integration messaging pattern such as Java Messaging Service (JMS) publish/subscribe. A mediation service provides the transformation and mapping between flight objects defined by U.S. systems (i.e. ERAM) and ICOG compliant systems. Using U.S. and ICOG flight object schemas, elements are mapped supporting the most efficient method of content handling such that the payload for flight objects in one schema is preserved when translated to another. The transformation is performed on the fly using IBM's Message Broker technology. U.S. flight objects are translated into ICOG flight objects by the mediation service and delivered as ICOG flight objects and vice versa. IBM WebSphere Message Broker, IBM Harmony, and IBM rtJMS (Real-Time JMS) technologies are used for this effort. This paper shows how the mediation service is implemented and the value that it adds to global ATM interoperability.

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