• Physics
  • Published 2011

Swift trigger 457076: a possible GRB.

  title={Swift trigger 457076: a possible GRB.},
  author={H A Krimm and Scott Douglas Barthelmy and Wayne H. Baumgartner and David N. Burrows and Sergio Campana and Margaret Chester and Jay R. Cummings and Valerio D'Elia and Neil Gehrels and Caryl A. Gronwall and Simon Holland and Jamie A. Kennea and Vanessa Mangano and Craig B. Markwardt and Francis E. Marshall and David M. Palmer and Takanori Sakamoto and Curtis J. Saxton and Giulia Stratta and Charles Allen Swenson and Gianpiero Tagliaferri and Tilan N. Ukwatta},