Swift Discovery of Gamma-Ray Bursts without a Jet Break Feature in Their X-Ray Afterglows

  title={Swift Discovery of Gamma-Ray Bursts without a Jet Break Feature in Their X-Ray Afterglows},
  author={Goro Sato and Ryo Yamazaki and Kunihito Ioka and Takanori Sakamoto and Tomokuni Takahashi and Kazuhiro Nakazawa and Takashi Nakamura and Kenji Toma and D. Hullinger and Makoto Tashiro and Ann Marie Parsons and H A Krimm and Scott Douglas Barthelmy and Neil Gehrels and David N. Burrows and P. T. O'Brien and J P Osborne and Guido Chincarini and Donald Q. Lamb},
  • Goro Sato, Ryo Yamazaki, +16 authors Donald Q. Lamb
  • Published 2006
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • We analyze Swift gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and X-ray afterglows for three GRBs with spectroscopic redshift determinations: GRB 050401, XRF 050416a, and GRB 050525a. We find that the relation between spectral peak energy and isotropic energy of prompt emissions (the Amati relation) is consistent with that for the bursts observed in the pre-Swift era. However, we find that the X-ray afterglow light curves, which extend up to 10-70 days, show no sign of the jet break that is expected in the standard… CONTINUE READING

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