Swedes alarmed at ketamine misuse

  title={Swedes alarmed at ketamine misuse},
  author={Moussa Awuonda},
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Recent Trends in the Use of “Club Drugs”: An Australian Review

There is mounting evidence suggesting significant acute and long-term risks associated with the use of GHB, and an urgent need for international research on the patterns of use, health, and psychosocial consequences of this drug.

Emergency department presentation of ketamine abusers in Hong Kong: a review of 233 cases.

Most ketamine abusers presented acutely with transient central nervous system depression, abdominal pain, or lower urinary tract symptoms, and Clinicians should be alert to the typical age-group, signs and symptoms of such abusers presenting in an acute medical setting.

Urinary excretion rates of ketamine and norketamine following therapeutic ketamine administration: method and detection window considerations.

Urine samples were collected from hospitalized children who had received ketamine as an anesthetic and found that ketamine was detected in the urine of the children from only the day of drug administration up to 2 days after drug administration, and its major metabolite, norketamine, in urine.

Ketamina: Nuevas observaciones sobre su consumo, consumidores y efectos

La ketamina es un anestesico disociativo que continua siendo muy aceptado tanto en la medicina humana como veterinaria. Sin embargo, la ketamina tiene tambien importantes propiedades alucinogenas,


Ketamine is a dissociative drug, and the user enters in a psychedelic dream with hallucinations, floating sensation, feeling of dissociation of the mind from the body, and in long term exposure, tolerance, dependence, withdrawal signs and flash back are described.

A Review of the Nonmedical Use of Ketamine: Use, Users and Consequences

  • K. Jansen
  • Psychology
    Journal of psychoactive drugs
  • 2000
The history of ketamine, its growing role as a “dance drug,” the sought-after effects for which it is taken in a nonmedical context, how these are produced, common mental and physical adverse effects, and the ketamine model of schizophrenia are reviewed.