Sweat chloride concentration in adults with pulmonary diseases.

  title={Sweat chloride concentration in adults with pulmonary diseases.},
  author={Pamela B. Davis and Sabela Del R{\'i}o and J A Muntz and L J Dieckman},
  journal={The American review of respiratory disease},
  volume={128 1},
In order to determine whether a high proportion of adults with pulmonary diseases have sweat chloride concentrations in the range usually considered diagnostic for cystic fibrosis (greater than 60 mEg/L), we performed the standard diagnostic "sweat test" of Gibson and Cooke prospectively on 187 subjects 18 to 85 yr of age who did not have cystic fibrosis (166 of them had some pulmonary or allergic disorder, and 21 were healthy). In this group, 99% had sweat chloride concentration less than 70… CONTINUE READING