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Swearing in the ‘Tradie’ Environment as a Tool for Solidarity

  title={Swearing in the ‘Tradie’ Environment as a Tool for Solidarity},
  author={Laur{\'e}n and Mcleod},
Swearing within a social interaction is often considered obscene and offensive, however swear words have many other functions within society that are rarely noted. The social meaning of swear words, such as fuck and cunt, have over time shifted from their offensive nature to having a more rapport‐building function within certain contexts. This paper will analyse this meaning shift and the social motivations behind the use of the words fuck and cunt in the Australian trade… 
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Resumen: Es evidente que el empleo de lenguaje malsonante ha sido considerado ofensivo en la mayoría de culturas. No obstante, es un uso del lenguaje ubicuo que ocurre en un número de circunstancias


Swearing at work and permissive leadership culture: When anti‐social becomes social and incivility is acceptable
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