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Swearing: A biopsychosocial perspective

  title={Swearing: A biopsychosocial perspective},
  author={Ad Vingerhoets and Lauren M. Bylsma and Cornelis de Vlam},
  journal={Psychological topics},
Swearing, also known as cursing, can be best described as a form of linguistic activity utilizing taboo words to convey the expression of strong emotions. Although swearing and cursing are frequently occurring behaviors, the actual functions of swearing remain largely unknown. Since swearing typically includes taboo words, these words can be more powerful than non-swear words. Therefore, people who swear are often judged negatively, because the uttered swearwords can shock and disturb others… 

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  • Timothy B. Jay
  • Psychology
    Perspectives on psychological science : a journal of the Association for Psychological Science
  • 2009
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