Swartziarboreols A-E, Five New Cassane Diterpenoids from Swartzia arborescens (Aubl.) Pittier

  title={Swartziarboreols A-E, Five New Cassane Diterpenoids from Swartzia arborescens (Aubl.) Pittier},
  author={B. Orphelin and M. Brum-Bousquet and F. Tillequin and M. Koch},
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Superbanone, A New 2‐Aryl‐3‐benzofuranone and Other Bioactive Constituents from the Tube Roots of Butea superba
Phytochemical investigation from the tube roots of Butea superba, led to the isolation and identification of a new 2‐aryl‐3‐benzofuranone named superbanone (1), one benzoin,Expand
Herbivory, growth rates, and habitat specialization in tropical tree lineages: implications for Amazonian beta‐diversity
Overall, focal species within lineages present contrasting patterns regarding their herbivory rates and leaf production rate within habitats, which highlights why a lineage-based approach is necessary when attempting to connect hypotheses regarding evolutionary trade-offs to community assembly patterns. Expand