Swapping Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier (SUMO) Isoform Specificity of SUMO Proteases SENP6 and SENP7*

  title={Swapping Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier (SUMO) Isoform Specificity of SUMO Proteases SENP6 and SENP7*},
  author={K. O. Alegre and D. Reverter},
  journal={The Journal of Biological Chemistry},
  pages={36142 - 36151}
  • K. O. Alegre, D. Reverter
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • Background: The SENP/ULP family of SUMO proteases display different cleavage preference for SUMO isoforms. Results: Insights into the structural determinants for the preference of SENP6 and SENP7 for the SUMO2/3 isoform. Conclusion: A novel interface between SENP6 or SENP7 and SUMO determines the SUMO isoform preference. Significance: This may be the first time that the cleavage preference between SUMO1 and SUMO2/3 was swapped by single point mutagenesis. SUMO proteases can regulate the amounts… CONTINUE READING
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