Suzaku Observations of Tycho ’ s Supernova Remnant

  title={Suzaku Observations of Tycho ’ s Supernova Remnant},
  author={T{\^o}ru and Asami and Satoshi and Yukikatsu and Aya and S. Junko and P. E. John and Una and Jun and Kenzo and Hideyo and Takaaki and Hiroshi and Masaru and Sasi Stephen and Motohide and Emi and Andrew and Tadayuki and Keisuke and Daisuke and Kazuo},
Tycho’s supernova remnant was observed by the XIS and HXD instruments onboard the Suzaku satellite on 2006 June 26–29 for 92 ks. The spectrum up to 30 keV was well fitted with a two-component model, consisting of a power-law with photon index of 2.7 and a thermal bremsstrahlung model with temperature of 4.7 keV. The former component can alternatively be modeled as synchrotron emission from a population of relativistic electrons with an estimated roll-off energy of around 1 keV. In the XIS… CONTINUE READING