Sutureless transconjunctival repair of orbital blowout fractures.


PURPOSE To evaluate early postoperative results and complications in patients who underwent repair of isolated orbital floor blowout fractures with placement of nonfixed implants through a transconjunctival and sutureless incision. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 26 cases of isolated floor fractures repaired by this technique. Criteria for inclusion in this study were transconjunctival approach, nonfixed orbital implants, and sutureless closure. Early postoperative complications were evaluated. RESULTS Twenty-six patients (16 male, 10 female) underwent repair of an isolated floor fracture and were followed after surgery for 1 to 26 months. No eyelid malposition, infection, or implant extrusion occurred. However, 1 patient (3.8%) had early migration of the orbital implant that did not require further intervention. CONCLUSIONS Repair of orbital floor blowout fractures with a nonfixed implant through the transconjunctival approach and sutureless closure provides an excellent functional and cosmetic result.

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