Suszeptibilitätsmessungen an Legierungen aus Ni, Cr bzw. Co, Ni, Cr und weiteren Bestandteilen


Elevation cons tan t is the increase in the boiling point when in t00 grams of a liquid one gram molecular weight of a non volatile non electrolyte is dissolved. This elevation is generalIy denoted by K b, and for a par t icular iiquid it is constant , irrespective of the solute, bu t it differs f rom liquid to liquid. Thus it is often used to get the molecular weight of a solute. When electrolytes are taken as solutes, then this method gives us some indication regarding the ionization at t ha t dilution. However if the elevation cons tan t be divided by the molecular weight of the liquid, we get a new constant , and denote it by E. Comparing the values of E thus obtained for the different liquids, it is found tha t E does not va ry much from liquid to liquid and is more or less a constant . This can be seen f rom the table 1, given below2).

DOI: 10.1007/BF00629442

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@article{Wink2004SuszeptibilittsmessungenAL, title={Suszeptibilit{\"a}tsmessungen an Legierungen aus Ni, Cr bzw. Co, Ni, Cr und weiteren Bestandteilen}, author={Wilhelm Wink and Werner Jellinghaus}, journal={Naturwissenschaften}, year={2004}, volume={44}, pages={371-371} }