Sustaining GAVI-supported vaccine introductions in resource-poor countries.

  title={Sustaining GAVI-supported vaccine introductions in resource-poor countries.},
  author={Patrick L. F. Zuber and Ibrahim El-Ziq and Miloud Kaddar and Ann E Ottosen and Katinka Rosenbaum and Meredith Shirey and Lidija Kamara and Philippe Duclos},
  volume={29 17},
Since 2000, GAVI provided essential support for an unprecedented increase in the use of hepatitis B (HepB) and Haemophilus influenzae (Hib) containing vaccines in resource poor countries. This increase was supported with significant funding from international donors, intended to be time-limited. To assess the sustainability of this important expansion of the global access to vaccines, we reviewed supply chains, financial resources for procurement and decision-making in countries that introduced… CONTINUE READING

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