Sustained release hGH microsphere formulation produced by a novel supercritical fluid technology: in vivo studies.


Novel sustained release formulations of hGH prepared by supercritical fluid processing of PLGA/PLA (the CriticalMix process) were produced in the form of microparticles for subcutaneous injection. The basis of the process is that PLGA/PLA polymers liquefy when exposed to supercritical CO(2), thereby allowing the hGH to be mixed efficiently into the polymers at an ambient temperature and in the absence of solvents. The CO(2) was removed from the mixture by depressurisation through a nozzle, resulting in the production of microparticles containing the hGH, which were collected in a cyclone. The best microparticle formulations showed an initial in vitro burst of around 35% and a sustained release over 14 days. When tested in the rat model, which displays a faster clearance rate of hGH than other animal models, two formulations showed prolonged release over 2-3 days with sustained plasma levels at 1-5 ng/ml whereas the soluble hGH formulation was cleared within 24h. Two selected sustained release formulations were tested in cynomolgus monkeys and compared to a single injection of soluble hGH. The burst release from the sustained release formulations was similar in magnitude to a daily dose of hGH and serum hGH levels were maintained for a seven day period. It is probable from the data that the sustained release would have continued for up to 14 days if sampling had been continued. The IGF-1 results showed there was no significant difference between the levels obtained for once daily injection of soluble hGH and the two sustained release formulations.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2009.09.013

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