Sustained IL-12 signaling is required for Th1 development.

  title={Sustained IL-12 signaling is required for Th1 development.},
  author={Veronica Athie-Morales and Hermelijn H Smits and Doreen A Cantrell and Catharien M. U. Hilkens},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={172 1},
STAT4 is an essential transcription factor for Th1 cell development. IL-12 and IFN-alpha both activate STAT4, but with different kinetics. In this study we compared their capacities to drive differentiation of human naive Th cells toward the Th1 phenotype. The Th1-polarizing activity of IFN-alpha was much weaker than that of IL-12, correlating with a marked difference in the kinetics of STAT4 activation; the response to IL-12 was sustained (>48 h), whereas the response to IFN-alpha was… CONTINUE READING
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