Sustainable development approach to the ecotourism of Iran desert lands


The term “desert” always reminds “nonexistence”; while the patient and hard-working people and the resistant plants live and grow in the deserts. One who is interested in the deserts for the first time, never desist it. Desert has a lot of hidden tourism attractions which are not considered yet. In fact, the deserts are so beautiful the same as forest, oceans and grasslands with a lot of unique and interesting attractions. The greatness and calmness of the desert are presented the silence and peace which is not accessed in urban life for the human being. The sky and earth are boundless, horizon is endless and the night is infinite in the desert. You can watch bright and shiny starts mass and even milk way there. The dry earth reminds the blessings such as water and prosperity. The profound and long roots of the plants are the symbol of the resistance and endurance, and the green plants of the salt marsh state the love to the life. In our tensional and stressful world, desert lands are the spiritual shelter for the fatigued and exhausted soul of the people. This study is about taking advantage of the natural tourism attraction of the desert like sand and salt in order to cure the patients and to create calmness contemporary. Also this study emphasizes the conservancy and sustainable development of Iran's natural investments using the earning tourism development approach. This article is based on the authors' field studies, the investigation of the available electronic and library sources.

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