Sustainable Supplier Selection in Megaprojects: Grey Ordinal Priority Approach

  title={Sustainable Supplier Selection in Megaprojects: Grey Ordinal Priority Approach},
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A Hybrid OPA and Fuzzy MARCOS Methodology for Sustainable Supplier Selection with Technology 4.0 Evaluation

The concern of sustainable supplier selection has been raised recently in organizations’ decision making to enhance their competitiveness. Many tools have been developed to support supplier

Evaluation of Low-Carbon Sustainable Technologies in Agriculture Sector through Grey Ordinal Priority Approach

The agriculture sector plays a vital role in the economy, society, and environment, the three dimensions of sustainability. The agriculture sector contributes 12% to 14% of global greenhouse gas

Relation of Workplace Incivility, Prosocial Motivation and Emotional Exhaustion to Thriving of Nurses

Background: The study attempt to investigate the impact of individual-level factor (prosocial motivation), negative contextual factor (workplace incivility), and personal resource (emotional

Research Agenda on Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making: New Academic Debates in Business and Management

Systemic disruptions are becoming more continuous, intense, and persistent. Their effects have a severe impact on the economy in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environments that

Can suppliers be sustainable in construction supply chains? Evidence from a construction company using best worst approach

PurposeWith increasing pressure from the government and private sectors to be more environmentally and socially responsible, sustainable supplier selection has gained enormous currency in recent

Forecasting of non-renewable and renewable energy production in India using optimized discrete grey model

Renewable energy delivers reliable power supplies and fuel diversification, enhancing energy security and lowering fuel spill risk. Renewable energy also helps conserve the nation’s natural

An integrated mathematical model based on grey optimal ranking for supplier selection considering pandemic situation

Optimal selection and allocation of suppliers are crucial decisions for an organization and it becomes more critical when the firm faces disruptive events. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has led to




By tailoring the value of ξ a point can be achieved where the ranking obtained through GRA can be made most comparable to the other MCDM methods.

A novel model for risk management of outsourced construction projects using decision-making methods: a case study

This is the first time a conceptual model has been proposed to select an appropriate contract for construction projects and the BWM integrated with GRA method has been used to prioritize project contracts based on the potential risks.

Grey Absolute Decision Analysis (GADA) Method for Multiple Criteria Group Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

The overall ranking obtained from the proposed GADA method is acceptable, especially under the uncertain environment where the nature of mutual association between the judgments is not precise, and its adaptability to different scales of measurement makes it significant among the class of MCDM methods.

Grey Best-Worst Method for Multiple Experts Multiple Criteria Decision Making Under Uncertainty

The opinions of decision-makers are collected based on grey linguistic variables and the data retains the grey nature throughout all the decision-making process.