Sustainable Energy Systems and Applications

  title={Sustainable Energy Systems and Applications},
  author={Ibrahim Dincer and Calin Zamfirescu},
Thermodynamic fundamentals.- Introductory aspects of energy.- Energy conservation.- Fundamental concepts for sustainable process design.- Thermodynamic cycles.- Thermal and chemical devices.- Fossil fuels vs clean fuels.- Direct energy conversion.- System analysis through energy and exergy.- Renewable energy systems and applications.- Thermal energy storage systems and applications.- District energy systems.- Nuclear energy.- Hydrogen and fuel cell systems and applications.- Ammonia as a… Expand
Energy and exergy analyses of a solar-biomass integrated cycle for multigeneration
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The survey of key technologies in hydrogen energy storage
Abstract Hydrogen is believed to be an important energy storage vector to fully exploit the benefit of renewable and sustainable energy. There was a rapid development of hydrogen related technologiesExpand
Potential options to greenize energy systems
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A thermodynamic model for exergetic performance and optimization of a solar and biomass-fuelled multigeneration system
Integrated energy systems utilizing renewable sources are sustainable and environmentally substitutes for conventional fossil-fired energy systems. A new multigeneration plant with two inputs, suchExpand
Development and analysis of a new integrated solar-wind-geothermal energy system
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Thermodynamic analysis of a solar-based multi-generation system with hydrogen production
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Development of a new solar and geothermal based combined system for hydrogen production
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Chapter 4 – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Systems
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Renewable‐energy‐based multigeneration systems
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1.30 Future Energy Directions
In this chapter, future energy directions are studied in the light of smart energy systems. These smart systems are investigated and comparatively assessed to address major global energy-relatedExpand