Sustainable Culture method of Giant Black Tiger Shrimp , Penaeus Monodon ( Fabricius ) in Andhra Pradesh , India

  title={Sustainable Culture method of Giant Black Tiger Shrimp , Penaeus Monodon ( Fabricius ) in Andhra Pradesh , India},
  author={S Ananda Babu and Jayagopal},
The culture of shrimp received maximum importance due to its unique taste, high nutritive value and persistent demand in world market. In the present study an attempt has been made to culture the giant tiger shrimp, P. monodon. The salinity of the culture pond was ranging between 26-30 ppt and pH was 7.8 to 8.2. Minimum 4.5 ppm dissolved oxygen and maximum 5.5 ppm was recorded during the culture period. The temperature was ranging between 28 to 30°C and the transparency was 38 to 55 cm. The… CONTINUE READING


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