Sustainability initiatives in Canadian ports

  title={Sustainability initiatives in Canadian ports},
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Evaluating the Efficacy of Sustainability Initiatives in the Canadian Port Sector

Maritime ports are critical nodes in the Canadian resource-based economy that can have significant environmental impacts near coastal communities and marine ecosystems. To address these impacts,

Development of Framework for Improved Sustainability in the Canadian Port Sector

Canada Port Authorities (CPAs) are federal entities responsible for managing Canadian Ports with local, national, and international strategic importance. Despite their connection to the Government of

Sustainability Performance of Port Infrastructure—A Case Study of a Quay Wall

Ports form a vital link in the global maritime supply chain, and adherence to the UN sustainable goals in each port development and operation is all-important. Improving the sustainability

How to Measure Environmental Performance in Ports

Oceans, seas, and marine resources are highly relevant for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Such relevance has given rise to the blue economy approach, where scholars and policymakers see

Evaluation of environmental performance indices for ships

Stakeholder interaction for sustainability in seaports. Analysing the implementation and its linkages to overarching interaction efforts

Purpose This study aims to analyse how and to what extent stakeholder interaction for sustainability is implemented in organisations and the linkages to the overarching interaction efforts.

System-based barriers for seaports in contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

PurposeThe main purpose of this paper is to identify the reasons for the stagnant behaviour of seaports contributing towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Design/methodology/approachGlobal

Value Creation through Corporate Sustainability in the Port Sector: A Structured Literature Analysis

Corporate Sustainability (CS) in the port sector has emerged as an important driver behind strategy definition for port authorities globally. It has been argued that CS practices have the potential



Environmental Issues in Port Competitiveness

What is the role of environmental performance in port competitiveness? The port industry has often faced governmental mandates for achieving regulatory compliance, including safety, security or

Restructuring the Maritime Transportation Industry: Global Overview of Sustainable Development Practices

The aim of the study was to transmit to the marine community (ministry of Transport, industry, environmental groups and local community), an evaluation of best practices of sustainable development

Climate change impacts on international seaports: knowledge, perceptions, and planning efforts among port administrators

Seaports are located in vulnerable areas to climate change impacts: on coasts susceptible to sea-level rise and storms or at mouths of rivers susceptible to flooding. They serve a vital function