Suspended sediment dynamics during flushing flows in a large impounded river (the lower River Ebro)

  title={Suspended sediment dynamics during flushing flows in a large impounded river (the lower River Ebro)},
  author={Alvaro Tena and Dami{\`a} Vericat and Ramon J. Batalla},
  journal={Journal of Soils and Sediments},
PurposeThe aim of this work was to improve the understanding of the spatial and temporal dynamics of suspended sediment transport during flushing flows in a large regulated river, the lower River Ebro (NE Spain).Materials and methodsRelationships between sediment and discharge (i.e. discharge (Q)–suspended sediment concentrations (SSC)) were examined during six flushing flows using continuous discharge and turbidity records obtained at six monitoring sections distributed along the lower Ebro… 
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