Suspended nanochannel resonators at attogram precision

  title={Suspended nanochannel resonators at attogram precision},
  author={Selim Olcum and Nathan Cermak and Steven C. Wasserman and Kris R Payer and Wenjiang Shen and Jungchul Lee and Scott R. Manalis},
  journal={2014 IEEE 27th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)},
Nanomechanical resonators can quantify individual particles down to a single atom; however the applications are limited due to their degraded performance in solution. Suspended micro- and nanochannel resonators can achieve vacuum level performances for samples in solution since the target analyte flows through an integrated channel within the resonator. Here we report on a new generation suspended nanochannel resonator (SNR) that operates at approximately 2 MHz with quality factors between 10… CONTINUE READING