Sushruta: Father of plastic surgery in Benares

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Sushruta has been regarded as one of the pioneers of surgery. He performed procedures with crude surgical instruments that paved the path for today's operations. However, his existence is shrouded in myth and mystery. Sushruta belonged to a rich heritage of learned scholars and practiced and taught surgery at Benares University around 600BC. His work is assembled into a monumental thesis, possibly the first text book on surgery, the ‘Sushruta Samhita’ where he describes surgical instruments… 
The Reconstruction of Plastic Surgery: A Historical Perspective on the Etymology of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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Sushruta: The Unrecognized Pioneer in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Sushruta was the first surgeon who emphasized cadaver dissection for medical education, sterilization and asepsis procedures for surgery, use of wine as an anesthetic to reduce pain during the surgery, and also practical training for tooth extractions.
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Sushruta: The first Plastic Surgeon in 600 B.C.
A historical window is presented into various contributions of Sushruta to plastic surgery and allied fields which were described in 'SUSHruta Samhita' more than 2500 years ago.
Urology in ancient India
  • S. Das
  • Medicine
    Indian journal of urology : IJU : journal of the Urological Society of India
  • 2007
The new generation of accomplished Indian urologists should humbly venerate the legacy of the illustrious pioneers in urology of the authors' motherland.
Susruta of India, an unrecognized contributor to the history of exercise physiology.
  • C. Tipton
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    Journal of applied physiology
  • 2008
It is concluded that Susruta's concepts pertaining to chronic exercise and to the health benefits of exercise were "remarkably modern" and that future authors on the history of exercise physiology should include contributions from ancient India.
History Of Indian Medicine Vol-ii
History of plastic surgery in India.
the first Plastic Surgeon in 600 BC
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