Susceptibility to kainate-induced seizures under dietary zinc deficiency.

  title={Susceptibility to kainate-induced seizures under dietary zinc deficiency.},
  author={Atsushi Takeda and Maki Hirate and Haruna Tamano and Daisuke Nisibaba and Naoto Oku},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={85 6},
Zinc homeostasis in the brain is altered by dietary zinc deficiency, and its alteration may be associated with the etiology and manifestation of epileptic seizures. In the present study, susceptibility to kainate-induced seizures was enhanced in mice fed a zinc-deficient diet for 4 weeks. When Timm's stain was performed to estimate zinc concentrations in synaptic vesicles, Timm's stain in the brain was attenuated in the zinc-deficient mice. In rats fed the zinc-deficient diet for 4 weeks… CONTINUE READING

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