Susceptibility of human metabolic phenotypes to dietary modulation.

  title={Susceptibility of human metabolic phenotypes to dietary modulation.},
  author={Cinzia Stella and Bridgette M Beckwith-Hall and Olivier Cloarec and Elaine Holmes and John C. Lindon and Jonathan Powell and Frans van der Ouderaa and Sheila Bingham and Amanda J. Cross and Jeremy K. Nicholson},
  journal={Journal of proteome research},
  volume={5 10},
Dietary composition has been shown to influence metabolism and to impact on the prevalence and risk for certain diseases, but hitherto, there have been no systematic studies on the effects of dietary modulation of human metabolic phenotype (metabotype). Here, we have applied 1H NMR spectroscopy in combination with multivariate statistical analysis to… CONTINUE READING