Survivorship of uncemented proximally porous-coated femoral components.


Three hundred seventy-five consecutive total hip arthroplasty revisions done using proximally porous-coated femoral components of 6 designs were reviewed a mean of 4.7 years after surgery. Fifty-nine hips have been rerevised for aseptic femoral loosening, and 4 for osteolysis. Moderate or severe pain was present in 23% of surviving hips, and radiographic… (More)


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@article{Berry1995SurvivorshipOU, title={Survivorship of uncemented proximally porous-coated femoral components.}, author={David J Berry and William Scott Harmsen and Duane M. Ilstrup and D. G. Lewallen and Miguel E. Cabanela}, journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research}, year={1995}, volume={319}, pages={168-77} }