Survivin inhibits apoptosis in cytotrophoblasts.

  title={Survivin inhibits apoptosis in cytotrophoblasts.},
  author={Arihiro Shiozaki and Kohsuke Kataoka and Maiko Fujimura and Hiromichi Yuki and Mieko Sakai and Shigeno Saito},
  volume={24 1},
Survivin, a protein that inhibits apoptosis, is expressed in a variety of tumour cells. We detected survivin-specific mRNA and protein in normal placental tissues, two human choriocarcinoma cell lines (JEG-3 and BeWo), and a trophoblastic cell line (tPA30-1) by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), Northern blotting, and Western blotting. Immunohistochemically, survivin was localized to normal villous cytotrophoblasts, normal extravillous trophoblasts, cytotrophoblasts in… CONTINUE READING

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