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Survival or Super-psi?

  title={Survival or Super-psi?},
  author={Stephen E. Braude},
Even the most sophisticated discussions of the evidence for survival underestimate the conceptual difficulties facing the survival hypothesis. Per - haps the major challenge is posed by the rival "super-psi" hypothesis, which most writers fail to confront in its most plausible and potent form. Once the super-psi hypothesis is taken seriously, two major weaknesses in discussions of survival stand out clearly. First, analyses of apparently anomalous knowledge that tend to be fatally superficial… 
The Implications of Near-Death Experiences for Research into the Survival of Consciousness
It is generally supposed by psychical researchers that (a) evidence sug- gestive of consciousness surviving bodily death would always be compatible with the so-called "super-psi hypothesis,"
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Eleven hypotheses that have been proposed to explain why psychic phenomena are so weak, unreliable, and/or rare are reviewed. The hypotheses are (1) alleged psi results are actually due to
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It has been noted that experiences of perceived interaction with the dead are common for the bereaved. Surveys have reported that around 50 – 60% of individuals will report that they have had such an
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Mystical experiences and spiritual dreams have been studied to learn how to define them, who has them, and why. Rarely is the content taken seriously except as evidence of physical or psychological
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Field studies of cases of the reincarnation type (CORTs) tend to suggest that paranormal aspects are due to some kind of reincarnation involvement, partly because these studies were mainly carried
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The case of James Leininger is described, an American child who at age two began having intense nightmares of a plane crash, and then described being an American pilot who was killed when his plane was shot down by the Japanese.
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Children’s descriptions of memories from a previous life have been the focus of scientific study over the past fifty years. Cases have been reported from cultures with a general belief in


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Lately I've been giving a great deal of thought to the nature of human (and other organic) abilities. In part, this is connected to my recent research into multiple personality and the need to
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To explain the phenomena in the world of our experience, to answer the question "why?" rather than only the question "what?", is one of the foremost objectives of all rational inquiry; and
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'I shall reconsider human knowledge by starting from the fact that we can know more than we can tell', writes Michael Polanyi, whose work paved the way for the likes of Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper.
Preserved learning and retention of pattern-analyzing skill in amnesia: dissociation of knowing how and knowing that.
The results indicate that the class of preserved learning skills in amnesia is broader than previously reported and support the hypothesis that such a distinction is honored by the nervous system.
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