Survival of allogeneic cells in cultured organotypic skin grafts.

  title={Survival of allogeneic cells in cultured organotypic skin grafts.},
  author={William R Otto and Jagdeep Nanchahal and Qi Long Lu and N Boddy and Ron Dover},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={96 1},
Organotypic cultures of human skin were made using dermal fibroblasts seeded into a type I collagen gel overlaid with epidermal keratinocytes. Full-thickness excision of tattoos was performed on five patients, three of whom received sex-mismatched allografts. Patients were not immunosuppressed. Biopsies were obtained up to 3.5 years later. In situ hybridization of the PHY2.1 repetitive Y chromosome sequence revealed male fibroblasts and keratinocytes at 11 weeks and 2.5 years in the two female… CONTINUE READING