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Survival analysis methods in Insurance Applications in car insurance contracts

  title={Survival analysis methods in Insurance Applications in car insurance contracts},
  author={Abder Oulidi and Jean-Marie Marion and Herv{\'e} Ganachaud},
In this work, we are interested in survival models and their applications on actuarial problems. We particularly study the Cox model and Aalen model which allow covariate effects to vary with time (time dependant covariates); this allows to obtain more precise results on the lifespan of cars insurance. We are interested in the relationship between lifespan of contracts and some predictive covariates. For example, the “Bonus-Malus” is a covariate influencing contracts and we noticed that the… 
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This book complements the other references well, and merits a place on the bookshelf of anyone concerned with the analysis of lifetime data from any Ž eld.
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