Survey on security issues in MANET: Wormhole detection and prevention


A survey of various issues (mainly wormhole attack) in MANET regarding security is done considering all major aspects. In the proposed MANET architecture, the network is formed with two types nodes, namely trusted mobile nodes and truster mobile nodes. The trusted and truster mobile nodes resemble with specialized and non-specialized responders respectively at the disaster site. In the proposed trust management scheme, the trust derivation is through reputation, recommendation and context. Reputation of a node, as evaluated by another node, is through comparing of monitored traffic with each other. Suggested through neighboring nodes leads to truthfulness of a node. A node with truth value less than a threshold is treated as malicious. To discover a trustworthy path in the MANET, the trust management scheme has been incorporated in the routing protocol. The proposed trust based routing protocol computes truthfulness of the path before it is selected for data delivery. Explicit path trust computation by a trusted node, through recommendations from neighboring nodes along the path, ensured the path discovered as trustworthy. The solution proposed, made the MANET secure from packet dropping attack and its variants like, active forge and resource consumption attack. In this survey paper we discussed about routing protocol on the basis of security by avoiding and detecting wormhole attack. Worm hole attack is found on the network layer and it is one of the severe attack in wireless mobile ad hoc network. In worm hole attack malicious nodes always gives an illusion to both sides sender and as well as the receiver side.

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