Survey on giardiosis in shelter dog populations.

  title={Survey on giardiosis in shelter dog populations.},
  author={Roberto Amerigo Papini and Giuseppe Gorini and Alessandra Spaziani and Giovanni Cardini},
  journal={Veterinary parasitology},
  volume={128 3-4},
Faecal samples from 183 dogs living in three different shelters in the Rome metropolitan area were randomly collected and examined for the prevalence of giardiosis. Giardia infections were detected by a commercially available ELISA test (ProspecT Giardia Microplate Assay). Overall prevalence was 55.2%. Prevalence rates in single shelters were 74.3, 35.5, and 20.9%, respectively. Using multivariate analysis, no association was found between Giardia-positivity and shelter or sex, breed, or… CONTINUE READING
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