Survey on Services Composition Synthesis Model


Current web services development tools are more sophisticated though ease of use, which leverage the creation of more web services thereof. This is the fact that, web services are being created and updated frequently, this multiplication of web services cannot be easily controlled by human being because it is almost impossible to analyze them and generate the composition plan. Composition of web services is the issue of synthesizing a new composite web service, obtained by combining a set of available (component) services, when a client request cannot be satisfied by available web services. To address this issue, three main models have been proposed as a solution. The OWL-S model, the Conversational model and the Roman model which is investigated here. In this paper, we propose a survey on the socalled Roman model and present the framework and all its extension. We also underline its drawback, shortcomings and some advantages, and then try to provide some research direction.

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