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Survey on Rash Driving Detection Using Acceleration And Orientation Sensors

  title={Survey on Rash Driving Detection Using Acceleration And Orientation Sensors},
  author={P. Tharangai Thamil and S. Vanitha},
Rash driving is most dangerous for people. Risky driving primarily includes heavy either rudely or driving under the power of alcohol, is a major grounds of traffic accidents throughout the world. They provide an early detection to alert the dangerous vehicle maneuvers related to rash driving. There are lots of sensors used in various techniques to detect the rash driving. Such techniques and sensors are being discussed a in this survey. Keywords— Acceleration, Detection, Embedded device… 

Design of Smart Helmet for Accident Avoidance

The main target of the project is designing a smart helmet for accident avoidance and alcohol detection, which recognizes the condition of the motorbike and reports the accident.



Context aware driver’s behavior detection system using Zigbee Result

The evaluation of behavior detection using synthetic data proves the validity of the novel and non-intrusive driver behavior detection system and the importance of including contextual information about the driver, the vehicle and the environment.

Driving style recognition using a smartphone as a sensor platform

A novel system that uses Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) and smartphone based sensor-fusion to detect, recognize and record potentially-aggressive driving actions without external processing and utilizes Euler representation of device attitude to aid in classification.