Survey on Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud


Cloud computing is the use of computing of sources that are delivered as a service over a network for example on internet. It enables highly scalable services to be easily utilized over the Internet on an as needed basis. Important characteristic of the cloud services is that users’ data are usually processed remotely in unknown machines that users do not operate. It can become a substantial barrier to the wide taking on cloud services. To address this problem highly decentralized responsibility framework to keep track of the actual usage of the user’s data in the cloud. In this work has automated logging and distributed auditing mechanism. The Cloud Information Accountability framework proposed in this work conducts distributed auditing of relevant access performed by any entity, carried out at any point of time at any cloud service provider. It conations two major elements: logger and log harmonizer. This methodology will also take concern of the JAR file by converting the JAR into obfuscated code which will adds an additional layer of security to the infrastructure. Rather than this here in this work, increase the security of user’s data by provable data control for integrity verification. Keywords-Cloud computing, data sharing, information accountability framework, Provable data possession. __________________________________________________*****_________________________________________________

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