Survey on Dissipative Kam Theory including Quasi-periodic Bifurcation Theory Based on Lectures by Henk Broer

  title={Survey on Dissipative Kam Theory including Quasi-periodic Bifurcation Theory Based on Lectures by Henk Broer},
  author={Maria-CristinaCiocci and AnnaLitvak-Hinenzon HenkBroer and Basedon lecturesby HenkBroer},
  • Maria-CristinaCiocci, AnnaLitvak-Hinenzon HenkBroer, Basedon lecturesby HenkBroer
  • Published 2004
Kolmogorov-Arnol’d-MoserTheoryclassicallywasmainlydevelopedfor conservative systems,establishingpersistenceresultsfor quasi-periodicinvariant tori in nearlyintegrablesystems.In this survey we focuson dissipati ve systems,wheresimilar resultshold. In non-conserv ative settingsoftenparameters areneededfor thepersistenceof invarianttori. Whenconsideringfamiliesof suchdynamicalsystemsbifurcationsof quasi-periodictori mayoccur. As an examplewe discussthequasi-periodicHopf bifurcation. 1 Intr… CONTINUE READING


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